Study In Japan

Build your dream life in the land of Sakura, Experience the world best technology, Best teaching methods!

Why study in Japan?

Japan is an increasingly popular and attractive destination for students. As of May 1, 2010, there are about 140,000 foreign students in Japan. The Japanese government is expecting that number to increase to 300,000 by the year 2020.

Whether your aim is simply to learn the Japanese language because you are deeply interested in Japanese culture, or you intend to study and/or work in Japan, it is a great idea to learn the language in its country itself. It will be one of the exciting times of your life and a great milestone for your life and your career.

Learn Something Every Day

“Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another.” –

“Never be afraid to dream big. Learn to count risk. Don’t forget that you’re the designer of your own life”
A common mistake that people do is thinking language learning or studying abroad is something easy peasy to do without efforts. Learning a foreign language might not be a big deal
But gaining 4 language skills, writing, reading, listening, speaking is obviously a huge task.

If you plan to settle down in Japan, what’s most important is your, COMMITMENT, EFFORTS AND DETERMINATION. start from learning the Japanese to settling down in Japan, these three will be the best guide for you all!! Wish you all the best

Mihiruk Siriwardhana

Student Application Procedure

We have Agreements with Japanese Language Schools in Japan.

Japanese language schools

Japanese language schools offer different type of programs to the students such as, Standard Japanese course; Conversation focused course, Preparation for Higher Education and Language plus Cultural Activity course.

With Japan Language School, students will learn the Japanese language and culture rapidly within months comparing to studying in their own country. Course length varies from few weeks (short term) to maximum of 2 years (long term). This is often called preparatory courses especially for students aiming to enter higher education.

Applying for Japan student visa

      Required Basic Qualifications

  1. Below 30 years old.
  2. C.E A/L Result [must be at least one subject passed ]
  3. Must be passed N5 test[ We are conducting N5 course for students who wish to face the N5 exam]
  4. Sponsor [Your sponsor must have a bank balance above 3 million LKR and must be a blood relation.]

You hand over us the necessary documents.

  • Required documents to face to the interview which held by Japanese Language School in Japan.
  1. passed N5 certificate
  2. C.E A/L and O/L result sheet [must be certified by Foreign Ministry.]
  3. Original School Leaving certificate
  4. Original Birth Certificate[must be received from city office in 3 months]
  5. National Identity card [photo copy]
  6. English translations of above 3,4,5
  7. Colored photo copy of Passport
  8. Other educational certificate [degree, diploma etc.]
  9. Service Letter [If you worked or working]
  10. Ten color photos 3cm 4cm [must be taken in one month]
  11. National Identity card of sponsor
  12. Birth Certificate of sponsor
  13. Bank balance conformation letter
  14. Bank transactions [3 years]
  15. Business registration or service letter
  16. six month Salary sheet or Income Report

We review all documents above and send the scanned documents to the Japanese Language School in Japan by email. Then they review the documents and arrange an interview with applicant. The interview will be face to face or through Skype. After passing the interview, we translate all the documents to Japanese and correct when necessary. Once cleared you might need to send the originals and application fee to the school, though it varies school to school. After your application is sent to the Japanese school in japan, they will submit your documents to the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan.

The final decision is taken by the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan about your certificate of Eligibility and it will take about 3 months. If you will be lucky enough ,you will receive the Certificate of Eligibility from Immigration Bureau  (Permission from the Japanese Government to be granted a Student visa). The Japanese school will receive your Certificate of Eligibility and they will send us it’s scanned copy, school admission and invoice by e-mail. Then we will give you their print outs and you remit the invoiced fees to the school by a TT transfer. After confirmation of payment, Japanese school in japan will send us the original Certificate of Eligibility and Admission Certificate by DHL. After we receive the DHL we will give it to you and you should submit COE with all other supporting documents at the Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka to apply for your visa. We will arrange an appointment for that and Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka will get 7 days to stamp visa to your passport. Now you have your student visa, you are now ready to fly to Japan.

  • Expenses for applying Student Visa
  1. Japanese Translation fees – 30,000LKR
  2. Document fees – 42,000LKR
  3. DHL currier Service fees – 5000LKR
  • Expenses after you get Visa
  1. School fees [one year] – 750,000 to 850,000 JPY
  2. Hostel fees [one month] – 30,000 to 40,000 JPY
  3. Air Ticket [one way]
  4. pocket money 200,000 JPY